October 05, 2004

From the makers of South Park

Boing Boing Boing's review of the Team America preview screening in Hollywood along with a similar review of it by FOX leave me wanting to see it so bad it makes my teeth ache. It also reminds me that Fahrenheit 9/11 is now out on DVD.

Time for me to make a little foray into US Politics. I beg any Americans out there. Waste your vote. Vote for Green, or Libertarian, vote anything but Republicrat.

George Bush is, in the words of somebody much funnier than me, too dangerous to leave in charge of anything more complicated than a box of lego. He has surrounded himself with the nastiest bunch of neo cons this side of 1946. He has blown the global sympathy for 9/11 by going into Iraq, which has promptly turned into the quagmire his father warned about.

Kerry is a career politician who managed to 'serve' in Vietnam for three months, and then build a career in it. The normal tour of duty was three years, but Kerry managed to accumulate medals faster than Audie Murphy, earning him a trip back stateside... kind of makes you wonder. This bozo is also a rabid protectionist, which isn't going to do anybody any good, especially in Canada.

The pair of them are the best that America can put forward? I don't think so, but unless something is done to break the duopoly, it will be the scum that rises to the top. A rich spectrum of choices would be healthy for the USA, and also by extension, for the world. 'Wasting' your vote may be the best choice in the upcoming election, because in a very real sense, there is no difference between the two; they are both the creatures of their respective parties, controlled by big money and special interests, and neither really speaks for the average American. They are both products of privilege. Neither has a terribly interesting vision of the future (terrible maybe, but not interesting).

I say a pox on both their houses.


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