September 27, 2004

Offensive? Yes

So there was recently a little brouhaha in eastern Canada about an offensive t-shirt in the window of a store. What I find particularly offensive is that only one of these shirts was considered controversial:

You only get one guess as to which one....

Looking at the rest of their selection, I think that their statement on the whole thing is pretty bang on:

Dear Canada...

To everyone who has been protesting and sending complaints regarding our hammer shirt, we'd like to say we don't condone violence toward women. That being said, our entire line is centered around poking fun at taboo subjects like violence, suicide, religion, and death. To take these images at face value, is reactionary at best. Our sense of humor and designs are not for everyone. NO ONE is forcing you to look at, buy or wear anything you don't want to, including Jinxed Clothing. Protesting a store that is owned and operated by women, for demaning women is extremely short-sighted. Cherry Bomb has our absolute support. Feel free to check our ladies section for the female version, a pair of scissors that reads 'he had it coming'. We are equal opportunity offenders.

That said, I wouldn't wear either one, as my taste in offensive t-shirts runs more toward the political than the social commentary.... Wearing a Che Guevara shirt to a conservative function, or a Pro-Bush shirt to an NDP one. ;)


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