September 16, 2004

I need new Shoes

I really need to get new shoes. My shoes are getting a little ratty. It's kind of hard to find decent shoes in this city. British Importers had stopped carrying shoes, but I went in there on Sunday and noticed that they have shoes again! Yay!

What brought this to mind is that I was thinking about the state of retail in this city. It is an open secret that the American tourist dollar didn't appear this year. A lot of stores have closed, and I was thinking about where I liked to shop. I came to the conclusion that Victoria pretty much sucks in this city. There are maybe three decent stores for men's clothing, stores that are a step up from Moores. At Christmas time I looked everywhere for shoes, and realized that there weren't any decent shoes in the entire city. That was a bit of a shocker. Then I realized something. Other than our store, there aren't any real luxury stores in this city. No Holt Renfrew or equivalent, nothing at the really high end. Not really a good advertisement for the high end tourist.


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